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ムトカで設計した「WOTA office project」を題材にしたドキュメントブック『Language : The documentation of WOTA office project / mtka』が販売されました。

“Language : The documentation of WOTA office project / mtka”, an documentation book about WOTA office project designed by mtka, is now available for purchase.




This is a book documenting a renovation project led by architectural office mtka. mtka has renovated a modern building, which was a former bank built around 70 years ago, into a laboratory and office for WOTA Co. engaged in the development of small-scale and decentralized water recycling system. During the renovation, they asked an artist to record the process. This book is composed as a document that reveals the singular space created by mtka’s approach to an existing architecture and that transmits it to posterity.

mtka integrated to the space 15 language (method) that is sharable to anyone and updated its context to one that can be passed on and proceeded to the renovation by grasping the building as a dynamic architecture. They got inspiration from the traditional “boro (shred)” method rooted in North-East Japan for the renovation to create a link between the context of the existing building and the additional elements which ensure the necessary features. As a result, the quality and time incorporated in the existing building have been overlapped and the space reborn to something generous with a completely new expression. For example, in the edges of the windows, a time axis layer of old and new materials appears. This change of the existing functional elements to something meaningful is created by structuring a new relationship with the old building.

As a response to this dynamic architecture and to be able to add information or re-edit it if further renovation would been done in the future, this book was created by using paper fastener for the binding and pad binding for the spine. The relationship between the existing building and the “present” is packed in a bundle of paper so that, as a book, it can show a fixed point in the cycle generated from the relationship between architecture and time.

Pages: 128

Dimensions: W252×H364 (mm)

Format: Paper Fastener Binding+Pad Binding

Printing (Digital Inkjet/Jet Press): atelier gray

Binding: Suzuki Book Binding

Photography: Masafumi Tsuji

Book Design: Masayuki Makino

Printing Director: Akira Hirai (atelier gray)

Published by mtka


This is showroom for branding and PR firm [W.inc]. With Rodin, the sculptor, as the key word, the floor and walls of the existing tenant space were left untouched, and curtains with 4.5 fold folds were hung to cover all the walls. The curtains, sometimes bunched, sometimes draped, and sometimes stretched and contracted, create an ambivalent shape, like a Rodin sculpture, at once hard and soft, soft and hard. The showroom is a place where the expression of the curtains dramatically changes the space.


Date : 2023.5
Type : Showroom, Gallery
Location : Shibuya, Tokyo
Floor : 63.47㎡
Collaborator : Studio Onder de Linde
Photo : Masafumi Tsuji


Renewal design for the café and retail store of Nakamura Toukichi, a tea merchant in Uji, Japan. The renovation of a 120-year-old former ryokan, an important cultural landscape building with a front garden facing the approach to Byoudouin Temple, was designed by Covid19 as a self-service store where locals can relax and socialize, based on the theme of the change in users from tourists to local residents and the shift to a non-contact type of store. The old storefront facing the approach to the river was demolished, and the 3-meter difference in elevation of the front yard was converted into a slope to create a smooth flow line to the riverbed level. Benches and counters were newly installed in the garden and riverbed to allow for various ways of living. The main building is an important cultural landmark whose exterior could not be altered, so the interior was only manipulated to renew the space. The entrance floor was lowered to the level of the riverbed to create a step-free approach and a continuous flow line between the interior and exterior without any barriers. Two staircases were added, and walls were removed to create a circulation system, with appropriate structural reinforcement. The second floor, which had not been open to the public, was made open and airy by removing the ceiling, and is used not only as a seating area with an excellent view of the Uji River, but also as an event space. Through these innovations, the building has acquired the quality of a public park-like space even though it is a commercial facility.


Date : 2022.10
Type : Cafe, Salon
Location : Uji, Kyoto
Area : 1338㎡
Floor : 296㎡
Collaborator : Urban Design Center UJI, N2 LANDSCAPE, Jun Sato Structural Design Office, BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN, Studio Onder de Linde
Contractor : breeze company, Yamada Zoen
Photo : Yasuhiro Nakayama
Press : 商店建築2023年10月号, 新建築2023年11月号


問い合わせ先 info@mtka.jp


Date : 2023.7.13



営業日時:10:00-17:00 不定休

Photo: Yasuhiro Nakayama


It is the laboratory office of WOTA, a start-up company engaged in the research and development of Small-scale decentralized water reuse system. The existing building was a 70-year-old former Bakurocho branch of Sanwa Bank, a modern building with a strict facade.
The 15 languages are: [1.Facade preservation] [2.Front / back conversion of entrances] [3.Structural reinforcement] [4.Thermal insulation reinforcement] [5.Recycled material] [6.Reusing material] [7.Use of base material] [8.Multi-functional fabric] [9.Spolia from famous architecture] [10.Waterproof paint as a sign] [11.Holes to deliver light] [12.Responsive lighting environment] [13.Small-scale decentralized water reuse system] [14.Gradual planning] [15.Conversion to an evacuation facility]
These languages will bring this valuable architecture to a solid existence in an unstable world. In addition, we are designing a situation to be passed on to future generations by publishing a booklet that will serve as documentation as an extension of the architectural design.

WOTA office project

WOTA office project

Date : 2021.11
Type : Laboratory, Office
Location : Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Floor : 1635.24㎡
Collaborator : Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design, Studio Onder de Linde, Chiba Associates, Atsuki Kikuchi Ltd, Masayuki Makino
Contractor : Ishimaru Co.,Ltd., Shoken Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Photo : Yasuhiro Nakayama, Masafumi Tsuji
Press : 新建築2022年3月号